Camping is a super fun activity that you've seen all your friends do, but how do you get started? We know it's not easy, and we've made our fair share of mistakes when we first started. Our goal is to try and get you as prepared as possible before your first go at it. Of course there will still be mistakes, adjustments and learning along the way but having someone who's been there before, helps a lot.

We tried to keep this site simple, yet informative. We recommend starting by reading our "what you need" page which covers the basics, easing you into the idea of camping. Then you'll need to get all of the things you need to the campsite, it sounds easier than it is - which is why we're providing you with a helpful guide for packing the car and how to deal with the stress that may come with it. Before you leave, make sure to print out our handy checklist for camping and fill out any important information (campsite number, ranger/emergency numbers, emergency contacts, etc.) as well. Once you get there, after you set up, you'll probably want to do something fun. But how do you find fun activities? We've got you covered on that too. We couldn't exactly research every single campground/park, but on our "finding activities" page, we recommend things you are able to do almost anywhere, and how to research and explore things specific to where you are going.

Quick disclaimer: there are a few things we can't cover because we don't know specifically where you're going or who you are. You may need a few things we don't have on our checklist or how to pack for your specific car. But we want to help as best as we can, so our information is meant to be general and help you figure out what you specifically need.

Now that it seems like everything is covered, let's get started! Feel free to check out our FAQ or explore our campsite map to get an idea on where to start.

Download the Camping Checklist
Is camping expensive? What is there to do? What should I bring? How do I prepare for weather?