Finding Activities

Once you've arrived at the campsite and set up, now what? If it's your first time setting up a campsite, you will probably be sweaty, ready to sit down and open a cold beverage of your choice. So take a moment to enjoy your hard work, take a deep breath of that fresh air and relax, chill, whatever suits your fancy!

After you feel like you've taken enough time to soak in what the outdoors has to offer (and stopped sweating), it's time to have some fun!

Since cell service could be spotty or maybe you don't want to bring your phone, we recommend researching some local activities beforehand, but it is not required.

A lot of campgrounds will have activities on the grounds or very, very close depending on where you go. If you are camping near water, you can swim, kayak, canoe, fish, etc. There might be trails for hiking, paved trails for biking or areas for you to explore!


If you aren't sure, feel free to research the area. A quick google search could give you a lot of answers. Some places want to be found so it shouldn't be too hard to find them on the internet. If you're on instagram, searching the location and looking at photos people have shared at that location, is a quick way to see what people deem insta-worthy about the area.

A cool resource to use if you are in the NJ area, is NJSpots. They have many cool interactive maps and guides on all things NJ.

Our last quick tip, which might not always work but we have found it helpful, is to find a local deli, or market, or store of the like close to your destination and look for those walls of pamphlets. Some local activities might not have made it onto the world of online advertisement yet so they put pamphlets around. Or talk to the employees there! They might know some cool local spots you can't find on the internet.

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