Is camping expensive?
Yes and no. There definitely are ways to camp on a budget. There are free campsites, you can get second hand gear, and prepare your menu with a budget in mind. But if you aren't on a budget, it can be pretty easy to splurge.
What should I bring?
There is no simple answer to this question other than: only bring what you need. Bring things you'd need to survive, and enjoy the weekend. For a more thorough answer, check out our guide for what you need.
What is there to do?
The best part about camping, in our opinion, is that there is so much to do and you have all the time to do it. When you are out in the woods, there are no interruptions and nothing demanding your time (hopefully). Sleeping and eating will take up some time, but other than that, you have as much time as the day allows.
Some possible activities while your camping are hiking, swimming, biking, reading, horseback riding, board games, lawn games, s'more making, ghost stories, exploring, kayaking, canoeing, etc. The list can go on and on. It just depends on where you are camping!
How do I prepare for weather?
When camping, you kind of are at mercy of the weather. But there are some things that you can do to help keep yourself, and your gear, dry and ready. Make sure you bring a tarp, a poncho or rain coat, rope, towels and trash bags.
Where are the bathrooms located?
Most campgrounds will have restrooms scattered throughout the campsites. If you think you are someone who will be visiting them a lot, consider choosing a campground close to one.
How do I protect myself from bears?
The best way to protect yourself from bears is to do your best to prevent any such event from occuring. Some quick tips are:
Store food, garbage, cookware, coolers, cosmetics, insect repellents, lotions, toothpaste in bear resistant food containers, in a hard sided vehicle or suspended 10-15 feet off the ground.
Do not sleep in the clothes you cooked in, don't keep food inside your tent and don't put your tent too close to any trails or cooking areas.
For more information, visit https://www.grizzlydiscoveryctr.org/education/bear-awareness-hiking-camping/
How do I chose what gear to buy?
Once you know what you need to bring, there might be some things you need to bring! There is no straight answer for this, but we recommend making sure you buy the right gear for you. If you're looking to buy new gear, be prepared for a few hours of research beforehand.
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